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Binance Cash

Ended Airdrop
Binance Cash Protocol, AI & DEFi protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), that provides an AI & DEFi peer-to-peer blockchain magnet
06 Nov 2021
End Date
300,000 BNBC
Max. Rewards
β‰ˆ 200 USD
Estimated Value

Airdrop Description

To celebrate the opening of the new and improved BNBC Protocol as well as to attract new users into this space, we are Giving away $300,000 in (BNBC) airdrop and subsequent deflation bomb, which will burn up to 20% of existing BNBC.


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The Fanatics Crypto is a company that has been around since 2018, offering various services to cryptocurrencies' users and other stakeholders. Fanatics Crypto FM was "the firm foundation" becoming the first and largest web radio focused on cryptocurrencies in Brazil, offering specific programs (including us gives TopSaber is already participate in some programs) and various styles of music. Along with the Web Radio the company also launched a faucet of cryptocoins, which allows users to learn about the cryptocurrencies, listen to your favorite songs and make crypto, right top! With the platform's growth, its development over the years was imminent, was soon created the mobile application to facilitate access of its users, and then came the great news, the acquisition of an exchange of cryptocurrencies the FCexchange.
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Swarm Markets
Swarm Markets is the world’s first licensed* high-liquidity DeFi protocol β€” the convenience and transparency of DeFi with the confidence of financial market compliance.
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We are building a platform for lottery prize games that uses NFT. Specifically, we create a virtual league (with 70 players) where each player is represented as an NFT asset. We are to advance game finance as anytime a player wins a lottery prize, its owner receives dividend. Vision To advance blockchain community and online entertainment by offering affordable, intuitive, and engaging prize games using NFT and AI Strategy - Build a new NFT ecosystem self-sustained by fair plays and prize sharing. - Foster mass adoption of unskilled prize games by lowering entry fees while increasing frequency and value of prizes. - Utilize AI best practices to expand and sustain our user community. - Promote transparency, timeliness and fairness in the online lottery games. - Expand NFT to the game finance by offering dividends to NFT owners.
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Glory Laputa is an independent PLAY 2 EARN game, where players can explore a new heroes world to play NFT games and get rewards. This project contains: 1.PVP Battle 2.PVE Adventure 3.AFK Mode (farming) 4.Heroes Breeding 5.NFT STAKING 6.TOKEN STAKING 7.MARKETPLACE x Players CAN TRADE FREELY Glory Laputa is Developed by a creative team with rich gaming & blockchain experiences. Adopting the latest trends and technologies it will create a multi-game platform and blockchain ecosystem that truly owned by players.
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Animal Farm NFT
Animal Farm NFTs represent characters that speak to the unique nature of man in various forms. The characters are split into 5 to represent the animals in the 1945 satirical allegorical novella by George Orwell. They are Napoleon, Snowball, Squealer, Boxer, and Benjamin. This present collection contains 1000 hand-drawn digital images of Napoleon. We are giving out 100 of ANF NFTs worth about $20,000.00 to 100 lucky winners.
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SoupSwap is a decentralized financial ecosystem on the SmartChain platform that integrates many features to help users make more profits and increase their digital assets. SoupSwap aims to improve scalability on decentralized applications and improve fees and liquidity for the community and strongly meet the needs needed by millions of global investors.