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Ended Airdrop
180 NF is a decentralized nutrition and fitness app, which is building the world's largest nutritional database and the only one registered in blockchain, built by the same users.
Additionally, we seek to increase daily physical activity time through challenges where users can bet and earn money by completing the established requirements.
31 Mar 2020
End Date
58.8 NF
Max. Rewards
β‰ˆ 10 USD
Estimated Value

Airdrop Description

Welcome to the first 180NF Aidrop.


You need to have a minimum 588 NF tokens or 100 USD in your address and there is no max amount
100 USD - 500 USD ( 588 NF - 2941 NF ) ----------------------------- 10%
501 USD - 1000 USD ( 2942 NF - 5882 NF ) ----------------------------- 15%
1001 USD - 5000 USD ( 5883 NF - 29412 NF ) ----------------------------- 20%
5001 USD - 10000 USD ( 29413 NF - 58823 NF ) ----------------------------- 25%
10000 USD - NO LIMIT ( 58823 NF - NO LIMIT ) ----------------------------- 30%
Fill this form when you have all the requierments ready and provide your address.
THIS AIRDROP IS ONLY FOR ADDRESSES IN OUR APP, if you address was not created in our app it will no be valid.
For the aidrop to be completed, you must download 180NF app, send your tokens to the wallet and hodl till the 31 of March 2020. The funds will be release the following week


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