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IEO Ended
Millions of previously isolated people and businesses in Myanmar can now freely connect to the global economy through SKYBIT's payment processor and simple advertising platform. Anyone in Myanmar, regardless of age, wealth status or connections, can now offer their goods and services worldwide on the internet and earn an income (in Kyats) from customers across the globe.
Additionally, charitable organizations in Myanmar can now campaign internationally to raise funds and easily receive donation payments from anyone in the world and for any amount, (even just 2000 Kyats worth) through SKYBIT.
Small international payments into Myanmar were previously impossible or uneconomical. SKYBIT has now made it possible, and this opens up many new opportunities for the people of Myanmar.
Using any device with internet access, every single person in Myanmar can now join the global economy without any restrictions and without needing to ask for any permission.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Pre-sale Time: 22 Sept 2019 - 04 Dec 2019
IEO Time: 05 Dec 2019 - 06 Dec 2019
Country: Singapore
IEO launchpad: ProBit
Token info
Ticker: SKYBIT
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC777
Available for sale: 500,000,000 SKYBIT (50%)
Total supply: 1,000,000,000 SKYBIT
Pre-sale Price : 1 SKYBIT = 0.01 USD
IEO Price: 1 SKYBIT = 0.01 USD
Accepting: USDT, BTC, ETH, XRP, PROB
Soft cap: 100,000 USD
Hard cap: 5,000,000 USD
Bonuses: Pre-IEO sale token price1 SKYBIT = 0.005 USD increasing over time to 0.01 USD
IEO: 5% Bonus -PROB; 4% Bonus - USDT, BTC, ETH, XRP
2015 to 2017
Research and feasibility studies; Developed demo exchange, demo payment processor, demo advertising platform; Public introduction of SKYBIT, Parter with SynNet, Enagaged with Yangon blockchain community
Incorporation in Singapore & Myanmar; Angel investment received; Developed demo of new trading platform
2019 Jan to Aug
Started advertising in Facebook groups, started Blockchain news web site for Myanmar audience"; Relationships with Nagani and Myanmar Computer
2019 Sep to Dec
Token sales; Engagement with Myanmar authorities
January, 2020
Development and testing of trading platform of new exchange completed. Trading platform of new exchange Go-live. Set up of customer support completed.
For Yangon: Head office leased. Recruit staff; Commence market analysis.
March, 2020
For Yangon: Develop education and training programs; Commence promotional events to educate customers; Commence training workshops and Sales and marketing activities.
2021 Jan, Feb
For Mandalay: Commence market analysis; Develop education and training programs; Commence promotional events to educate customers
March, 2021
For Mandalay: Open new representative office Commence training workshops to use SKYBIT's services. Sales and marketing activities commenced
2021 Aug, Sep
For Shan: Commence market analysis; Develop education and training programs; Commence promotional events to educate customers
2021 Oct
For Shan: Open new representative office; Commence training workshops to use SKYBIT's services; Sales and marketing activites commenced
2022 Mar, Apr
For Sagaing: Commence market analysis; Develop education and training programs; Commence promotional to educate customers
2022 May
For Sagaing: Open new representative office; Commence training workshops to use SKYBIT's services; Sales and marketing activites commenced
2022 Oct, Nov
For Bago: Commence market analysis; Develop education and training programs; Commence promotional to educate customers
2022 Dec
For Bago: Open new representative office; Commence training workshops to use SKYBIT's services; Sales and marketing activites commenced
2023 and beyond
Expansion across Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, Europe, Americas, Middle East, and Africa
Screenshots taken 27 Nov 2019
Philip Lim
Founder & CEO
Takes part in this project only
Bruce Marshall
Co-Founder & CGO
Takes part in this project only
Pyae Thu Tun
Multimedia Designer
Takes part in this project only
Chester Gan
Technical Developer
Takes part in this project only
Aung Khaing Khant
Content Writer
Takes part in this project only
Sein Lae Lae Hnin
Front-end Developer
Takes part in this project only

Advisors (6)

Hsin-Tung Lu
Takes part in this project only
Tim Scheffmann
Takes part in this project only
Aung Zaw Myint
Takes part in this project only
Win Win Tint
Takes part in this project only
Myo Kyaw Thu
Takes part in this project only
Michael Maung Tint Khine
Takes part in this project only
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ELAD Network
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CannaCor and Blockchain Corporation are collaborating with a common vision to bring lasting change in the field of cannabis research, cultivation, processing and distribution. Our goal is to transform the entire cannabis cultivation process to make it as transparent and secure as possible. CannaCor is a licensed producer of medical cannabis and cannabis by-products located in Lesotho, southern Africa. It is supported by a group of professional executives with extensive knowledge and understanding of the needs of the medical cannabis industry. Their economic activities are based on the recently approved production and export of cannabis and cannabis by-products which can be used for medicinal needs. CannaCor has obtained 50 000 m2 of land in Berea, Lesotho, of which 30 000 m2 is permitted for greenhouse or indoor cultivation of cannabis. The remainder of the land will be used for further expansion as demand grows.
Diagon is an imminent global decentralized eSports ecosystem powered by the Ethereum Blockchain, that will enable people from all around the globe to contest in 1v1 and group versus group eSports matches online and offline for different eSports tournaments. Every strong economy is powered by a stable currency that gives it stability and value in the exchange market and ours is the DIAGON COIN. The sole virtual currency that will be used to perform every form of transaction on our innovative ecosystem. With Diagon Coin, users will be able to perform all transactions across all our platforms, which will include: competitive gaming, staking, trading and making virtual and real purchases all in eSports. Diagon Coin will offer its contributors a unique edge with its value to trade against other cryptos.