BTC $ 10,459.49 -1.79%
ETH $ 221.36 -1.61%
MARKET CAP $ 285 bln -1.29%
ICOs 5,527


Ellcrys lets anyone, anywhere in the world to co-create, co-own and co-govern software products, services and organizations without relying on a centralized authority. Open source collaborators are empowered to start or contribute to communities dedicated to creating community-run software products and services using a source code sharing and collaboration technology that is open, decentralized, fault-tolerant and censorship-resistant. Ellcrys offers a decentralized git hosting system that enables developers to store and share codes that cannot be censored or abruptly destroyed. It also provides an ownership layer that allows thousands of people to share ownership of software applications (like mobile apps, web applications, REST APIs, libraries, frameworks, desktop apps, etc.). On Ellcrys, collaborators are empowered to govern themselves through the provision of tools that allows them to create simple to the complex governance system. Ellcrys also features a virtual machine that allows collaborators to create blockchain applications or DApps using established languages like JavaScript, Go, C++ and more.

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Website: Visit
White paper: Read
Pre-sale Time: 01 July 2019 - 14 July 2019
Country: USA
Token info
Ticker: ELL
Token Type: ERC20
Available for sale: 18,200,000 ELL
Pre-sale Price : 0.08 USD
IEO Price: 0.2 USD
Accepting: ETH
Research and development.
Centralized prototype development.
Launch of token private sale.
Q1 2018
Launch of Token Pre-Sale.
Depreciate Centralized Components.
Began decentralized components developments.
Q4 2018
Release of network client (alpha).
First test network (runs v0.1 of network client).
Launch of block explorer (
Launch of new website and documentations.
Release of mining mechanism whitepaper (PeopleMint).
Q1 2019
Launch of Desktop Wallet (SafeHold).
Release of upgrade token management platform (Ellcrys Suite).
Improvements to SafeHold, Elld and Ellscan.
Release of Spell, a Javascript library for accessing the network.
Release of new whitepaper.
Q2 2019
Launch of Pre-IEO.
Begin Ellcrys protocol consensus upgrade.
Improvements on SafeHold, ELLD and EllScan.
Q3 2019
Release of upgrade network client (v0.3-alpha).
Launch of code sharing and collaboration web application (in beta).
Launch of IEO.
Upgrade of test network to v0.3-alpha.
Upgrade of block explorer to v0.3-alpha.
Upgrade of SafeHold to v0.3-alpha.
Commencement of protocol and implementation audits.
Q4 2019
Release of upgrade network client (v1.0 beta).
Add collaborative features to SafeHold.
Release of Peoplemint complementary apps for scanning and validation.
Upgrade of test network to v1.0 beta.
Upgrade of Block explorer to v1.0 beta (incl. Repository explorer and statistics).
Upgrade of SafeHold to v1.0 alpha.
Commencement of main coin distribution via Peoplemint.
Q1 2020
Launch main network.
Host Ellcrys Summit in Lagos - Our flagship event.
Move SafeHold, Ellscan, Spell.js and the test network out of beta.
Screenshots taken 24 июн 2019
Kennedy Idialu
CEO, Co-founder & Developer
Odion Olumhense
COO & Co-founder
Usman Amusat
Product Lead
Micheal Sodimu
Software Developer
Ifunanya Okolie
Frontend Developer
Marvin Ogah
UI/UX Designer
Ugo Ogbonna
Frontend Developer
Jasper Bernard
Software Developer
Samuel Joseph
Content Developer

Advisors (4)

Lanre Oyedotun
CEO at Fieldinsight
Emeka Okoye
Senior Semantic Web Architect at Cymantiks
Chuka Ofili
Senior Software Architect at Gigster
Ebot Tabi
Senior Technical Consultant at Andela
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