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ETH $ 223.44 -0.97%
MARKET CAP $ 282 bln 2.41%
ICOs 5,521


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BLABBER is a social media platform that allows users to choose how their personal data is used by others. Users may decide to either keep their data entirely private or to identify specific channels where their data may be marketed (advertisers, businesses), resulting in rewards via the BLA Token (“BLA”) based on the EOS blockchain. Furthermore, BLABBER users who are socially active on the network (creating posts, commenting on posts, liking content, etc.) will also be rewarded with BLA. This revolutionary approach to social media addresses three principles: choice, earning money, and security.

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White paper: Read
IEO Time: 21 June 2019 - 26 June 2019
Country: Monaco
IEO launchpad: IDAX
Token info
Ticker: BLA
Platform: EOS
Available for sale: 87,500,000 BLA (7,75%)
Total supply: 1,000,000,000 BLA
Q1 2019
Core Platform:
Backend and public API
Basic platform features
Mobile Apps (iOS and Android):
Basic mobile features
Crypto wallet
Core Platform and Mobile Apps:
Public Alpha Release v1.0
Q2 2019
Social Mining Protocol:
Basic transaction features
Security policies and conditions
Token distribution algorithm
Token stake ROI algorithm
Core Platform and Mobile Apps:
Public Beta Release v1.0
Q3 2019
App interface
Basic marketplace features
Payment gateways
Third party payment distribution
Social Mining Protocol:
Public Alpha Release v1.0
Q4 2019
Advertiser Platform:
App interface
Basic advertiser protocol
Campaign tracking features
Token distribution rules and policies
Advertisement feedback reward system
Public Alpha Release v1.0
Social Mining Protocol:
Public Beta Release v1.0
Q1 2020
Core Platform and Mobile Apps:
Public Production Release v1.0
Advertiser Platform:
Public Alpha Release v1.0
Public Beta Release v1.0
Q2 2020
Advertiser Platform:
Public Beta Release v1.0
Social Mining Protocol:
Public Production Release v1.0
Screenshots taken 29 июн 2019
Michael Freund
Chief Executive Officer
Michael Gaida
Chief Operating Officer
Maximilian Schempp
Chief Technology Officer
Walter Nagel
VP Business Development
Timo Zimmermann
Head of Development

Advisors (6)

Michael Nye
Joel Kovshoff
Frank Berger
Behar Veliqi
Michael Kühle
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