BTC $ 9,551.18 -2.30777%
ETH $ 258.87 -3.91636%
MARKET CAP $ 275 bln -3.09%
ICOs 5,723


Ended Airdrop
Vergo is optimizing your digital payment with very fast transaction and near zero transaction fee, so micropayment can be done at any price and any time to any place around the world.
31 Oct 2019
End Date
Max. Participants
100,000 VER
Max. Rewards
≈ 5 USD
Estimated Value

Airdrop Description

VERGO (VER) is airdropping 200,000,000 VER token for first 2000 participants (100,000 VER each for completed all tasks).

You must add VER trustline on Stellar wallet to receive VER token.
Also earn 5000 VER for each referral that completed all tasks (manually reffering friends with telegram username).
How to create your refferal link with google form for airdrop?


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Icecat – a Dutch listed company with an extensive international team – has started the pre-ICO pre-sales for investors for the ICURY coin. Because of growing interest from its global community.